Punching unit

Tubes and sheets punching machines and equipment

The punching unit is the ideal machine for hole punching on round and shaped tubes of any type of material, from iron and stainless steel to aluminum. Upon request, we can manufacture pipe punching machines that can achieve multiple holes simultaneously.

Perforations can have different characteristics:

  • Pass-through hole with deformation on the punch entry side
  • With deformation on both sides, with opposite punches, a blind hole is achieved without a mandrel
  • Pass-through holes or dimples, without deformation using a core
  • Multiple hole with preset inter-axis, which achieve multiple holes at the same time

Main features
of punching units

Flexibility in workbench positioning to accommodate the tubes to be machined

Both horizontal and vertical positioning and quick punch changeover

Can be mounted on guides if the inter-axis distances need to be changed

Easy replacement of the equipment in case tubes of different diameters have to be machined

Upon request, we can build punching machines that achieve multiple holes simultaneousl

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