Special workbenches

Several hydraulic workstations combined in one unit

MTS, hydraulic work benches manufacturers, provides special systems to perform all operations in one procedure. All machines comply with the EC Machinery Directive and are equipped with safety devices to ensure maximum safety for the operators during work cycles.

The special workbenches are made with interchangeable plates to allow the user excellent operational versatility. In such a manner, with the same fixed bench machine one can obtain a production of several repeatable details, significantly reducing expenditures and set-up times during production management.

The workbenches are structured in levels:

  • Single plate or complete hydraulic bench, in which manual loading and unloading is performed
  • Hydraulic bench with automatic loading and semi-automatic or manual unloading
  • Hydraulic bench inserted in the transfer line with automatic loading and unloading


Designed to increase production with very short cycles

Custom designed according to customer needs, with the possibility of achieving a complete production

Equipped with safety guards and barriers to protect the operator

Produced with quality materials that guarantee workmanship precision of the final item

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