Linear Bending

At its facilities in Provaglio d’Iseo, the company M.T.S. manufactures linear bending machines, available in thirteen different automations, from the simplest to the most complete model CNB model CN 12 with eight of magnitude sizes capable of bending pipes from Ø 4 x 0.5 mm Ø 220 x 12 mm.
This allows the company to offer the market a highly specialized product, designed to meet all the needs of the industrial and commercial sector with regard to the processing and customization of tubes and profiles

We offer a range of products in constant evolution and keeping up with modern technology and new software.

All modern systems used are controlled by brush less motors, controlled by digital drives of the latest generation and the exclusive management scheduling software “bending cycles” in Windows environment.

High performance Machine

This union makes our line of machines the most powerful in the relationship of: performance, reliability, cost of acquisition and management costs.