Linear Bending Machine

Star Technology designs and manufactures CNC tube bending machines for processing, punching, deformation and finishing of the tube, special equipment and automation or control requests. Our business has more than 40 years of experience in the mechanical industries in the most diverse sectors: from mechanics, to the automotive world, from furniture to aeronautics, piping systems, fittings, karts, medical tubes etc. etc. We have always produced electromechanical tube bending machines, our modernity, precision, speed, silence, safety, reliability and environmental respect have been proven to be successful with respect to traditional hydraulic benders.


We offer a range of products in constant evolution and keeping up with modern technology and new software.

All modern systems used are controlled by brush less motors, controlled by digital drives of the latest generation and the exclusive management scheduling software “bending cycles” in Windows environment.

High performance Machine

This union makes our line of machines the most powerful in the relationship of: performance, reliability, cost of acquisition and management costs.