Swaging Units

With these types of units it is possible to swage up or down, increasing or decreasing section of tube in order to allow them to be connected one inside another together.

Other type of tube deformation are:

  • Tube Flaring, usual used for industrial ladders, Gas water pipes ducts, Ironing Board
  • Tube Crowning, usual used for radiators pipes

It is possible to have an indipendent easy bench equipped with an hydraulic pump with its own safety systems controlled by a PLC.

The main powerful characteristic of the MTS Swaging units are:

  • Flaxibility in positioning whereever on the bench to accommodate the various shapes of the pipes to be processed
  • Possibility to hold the tube in vertical and horizontal, it mean flexibility in the type of work to be performed
  • Easy change over of tools for all type and dimension of tube diameter

The MTS Swaging unit perform tube in  Fe, stainless steel, aluminum and many other materials.