Automatic CNC Punching Machine

PA80 automatic punching machine with two horizontal opposing heads to perform punching on round tubes or profiles, the software for the management of PA80 has been designed to allow the operator a simple and intuitive use.


  • Equipped punching unit group with two opposing heads, possibility of supply with additional heads.
  • Quick change over tools and accessories.
  • Trolley with special clamping grips group, equipped with longitudinal movement with controlled axis for positioning at the desired distance, for the controlled longitudinal movement of the pipe or profile to be punched.
  • Programmed to choose from the operator panel if you want to punch
    two opposing holes simultaneously or just one hole, which can be programmed easily from the operator panel.
  • Electric cabinet with bi-manual push-button and operator panel for the operational management, the operator will not have to do anything else but load the piece in the clamp and give the start.
  • Tube or profile dimension up to 80 mm length 2000 mm (longer lengths on request)


  • Continuous simultaneous punching on both sides (through hole)
  • Single-sided continuous punching of your choice
  • Continuous punching on one side and alternating on the other


  • Clamps that close every cycle to reduce the tube deformation in case of blind hole.
  • Punching speed 2 sec. every hole (depending on the distance of the holes)
  • Axis positioning precision +/- 0.1 mm
  • Tool nebulizing lubrication system at every work cycle
  • Protections and safety.