Flattening Units

With these type of units, materials can be flattened into any form while simultaneously punching holes and/or trimming the end of the tube.
The use of the highest quality materials in our engineering and design permit smaller tooling footprints and allow for the higher operating forces that these units are subjected to and which are necessary for these types of operations. If the thicknesses is greater from 2.5 / 3 mm, the unit is designed with 2 opposit cylinders, one for crushing and one for punching and shearing at the head of the tube.

The main features of this type of units are:

  • flexibility in bench positioning to accommodate the various shapes of the pipes or profiles to be machined.
  • Horizontal, vertical or oblique positioning to adapt to the shape of the tube or profile.
  • Quick change of the punches and the punching of the head.
  • The replacement of equipment in case pipes of different diameters have to be processed has been made simple and fast.


It is possible to carry out pipes in Fe, stainless steel, aluminum and many other type of materials.