About Us

M.T.S. has been working with tube deformation since 1980.
Our production capability includes:
Hydraulic units and special custom work benches. High quality mechanical permit maximum production yield during operation and assures excellent repeatable results. Very rugged design and the use of “name brand” hydraulic components ensures many years of reliable performance. M.T.S. units are strong and versatile. They are utilized in many types of fabrication such as:
Punching - hole piercing, slotting, notching, or multiple contemporary operations, flattening and end forming. The study and the planning of the units is performed by our Technical office to completely satisfy the specific customer
and engineering demands. The principal uses are in the following sectors: Metal Furniture - Household items - Laundry rack - Ironing boards - Automotive - Bicycles - baby articles and toys - Ladders - Scaffolding - Gas water pipe ducts - Shelves - Radiators - Accessories for campers and Trailers - Chairs and sofas - Orthopedics - Lawn mowers - Barbecues etc.
M.T.S. guarantee the quality and reliability of our products, from the planning stages and testing through the production trials and run-off. To assure the  continuance of our excellent service, we carry all the spare parts and offer after sales assistance. Customer satisfaction and continuous improvement are the essential components on which we base our work ethics each and every day.